I Peter Sermons

We think that anyone listening to Denny's expository sermons on I Peter will be stimulated by his excitement over the remarkable relevance of the Bible to the 21st Century. Denny’s grasp of both the history and the theology presented by I Peter is then used to bring the practical advice of the this terrific New Testament book to the listener in exciting, new ways. Try one and see if the text isn't illuminated in a fashion that will challenge, inspire and delight you.

Christmas Resolutions

There are some Christians who dismiss New Year's resolutions as exercises in pride and self-determination. However, making resolutions (and doing everything one can to then keep them) should be a basic and ongoing part of a Christian's life. Why else would Scripture so frequently use such "resolutional" verbs as reckon, count, consider, put on, put aside, dedicate, fix, consecrate, think, prepare, grow, gird, look, be transformed, and so on? In this address, Denny looks at this matter of making resolutions, a few relevant Scriptures he's meditating on for his own 2009 resolutions, and some helpful advice to make your resolutions more successful than they've been in the past.

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Christmas of the Talking Animals

If a quiet 1/2 hour ever comes along in your hectic holiday schedule, you might enjoy this rural Christmas story I wrote several years ago. I think you'll find it a winsome, wholesome story with a very old-fashioned ingredient; namely, a spiritual moral. It's a story (not strict autobiography, by the way) about a 9-year old boy and his lively imagination spending a remarkable 1952 Christmas at his grandpa's Missouri farm.

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Living Beyond Politics

Denny gives here a basic overview of the Christian's responsibilities in the political arena. In this presentation, he talks about the citizenship of heaven, its connections to our life today and the expanded scope of services the believer owes (through and for his sovereign Lord) to the body politic.

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This is truly a provocative sermon, one in which Denny shows how powerful (and personal) is Paul’s appeal for Christian liberty. The ground covered goes from the sovereignty of God to the radical brotherhood of the Church to American history’s Fugitive Slave Act.

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The Stoning of Stephen -- Acts 7:54 - Acts 8:4 (Also Acts 6: 1-15)

This covers a long section of Scripture but Denny highlights its relevance to world missions, to servant leadership, to abiding in the power of the Holy Spirit, the impact of martyrdom, the awesome response of Jesus, and more.

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A King's Appeal -- Psalm 61

Denny gives here several interesting observations about the Psalm’s style as well as its religious content. Particularly noteworthy is the progression of intimacy as shown in four striking metaphors.

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